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Intervals… try. 
Anonymous said: look I've been trying and trying to loose weight my whole life and i always seem to go back to junk good I need an reel modivation to get me up and skinny before I go back to England for christmas at the end of the year! please help me

Send me a message via kik (weightlossM) I’ll help you 24/7 

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people who don’t examine every grape they eat are brave people

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Want a beautiful skin?
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Make up tips
Anonymous said: can we really message you about loosing weight ?

Yes!! I’ll do my best to help you.

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Please let me help you loose weight via KIK! 

@@I know kik is lame (sometimes)@@

kik: weightlossM 

Anonymous said: What do you think about the raw diet?

It really depends on your age.

Anonymous said: How can i remove cellulite ??? 😭 And what is the exercises you do cuz you have perfect body 💕😘?!?!?!

- cut salt and sugar <——- YOUR WORST ENEMIES

-start doing high intensity workout <——- spinning, lift, cardio

-start dry brushing your skin <—— always from your feet up.

(Sorry I took to long, I went on a trip) 

Anonymous said: I'm having a hard time accepting myself for who i am. I need to learn how to love myself any tips on how I could succeed? I know this might be a dumb question but I'm struggling :/

I know it’s hard to love yourself! I have struggle all my life about my weight, my face, my nose, my hair and everything about me. I reached a point in which I cut myself, throw up after every meal and I got a nose job! I regret it. Every single day. You want to know why? Well easy. I learn that I could never make myself better if i don’t love myself. So STOP TELLING YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE UGLY! It just make you more ugly start being beautiful. Tell yourself every single day “I’m hot as hell”, “I’m the prettiest girl in this town/city” “I could definitely be a Victoria Secret Angel”. Say it even if you don’t belive it, beacause one day you’ll do and you will be! It worked on me.

wilsonalliee said: We're do you get your pictures

we get some of our pictures from we heart it

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Super tip! ;)
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How to make your skin look better
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